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Popular Stainless Steel Coil: Grades & Finishes


The stainless steel coil is a versatile material that can be formed into many different shapes and sizes. Sheets can then be bent, rolled, folded, stamped, punched, drilled, etc., creating a wide range of products.

As one of China’s largest stainless steel suppliers, TISCO STEEL can quickly and reliably provide an extensive selection of stainless steel strips in many different grades from the 200, 300, and 400 series.

Stainless Steel Advantages

  1. Beautiful surface and diversified use possibilities
  2. Good corrosion resistance, longer durable than ordinary steel.
  3. High strength
  4. High temperature oxidation resistance and high strength, can resist fire
  5. Processing at room temperature, easy to plastic processing
  6. Because there is no need to surface treatment, so simple, simple maintenance
  7. Clean, good finish
  8. Good welding performance
stainless steel coil

Popular Grades of Stainless Steel Coil

  1. Grade 304 / 1.4301. A consistently popular grade choice due to its marked resistance to corrosion and exceptional weldability, grade 304 stainless steel coil is noted for its ability to be easily shaped or roll formed. Type 304 is widely used in household items (1 and 2 tableware), cabinets, indoor pipelines, water heaters, boilers, bathtubs, auto parts, medical appliances, building materials, chemicals, the food industry, agriculture, and ship parts. 
  2. Grade 316 / 1.4404. Where even greater corrosion resistance is required, such as in the marine environment, 316 is the preferred choice. This grade is especially resistant to pitting corrosion thanks to the addition of the element molybdenum. 
  3. Grade 321 / 1.4541. A variant of 304, this grade has added titanium to make it stronger. Grade 321 stainless steel strip displays excellent welding characteristics and is particularly resistant to the damaging effects of intergranular corrosion. Common Applications of 321:useful in the chromium carbide precipitation range (800-1500°F, 427-815°C), aircraft exhaust stacks, manifolds, chemical processing equipment, welded equipment, jet engine parts, heat Exchangers, expansion joints.
  4. Grade 430 / 1.4016. Primarily used in catering and other domestic industries, grade 430 is a ferritic alloy designed to deliver good resistance to corrosion. 

Popular Finish Options of Stainless Steel Coil

A comprehensive collection of finishes is also available from Jude Steel when purchasing stainless steel coil. Popular finish options include:

  1. 2D. Also cold-rolled, the 2D finish has a matte surface with low reflectivity.
  2. HR / No.1 . This hot-rolled finish has a scaled appearance and so is ideal where the final aesthetic is not an important concern.
  3. BA / 2R. Cold rolled and annealed in a controlled atmosphere to retain a highly reflective finish. This highly-reflective finish is achieved by annealing the alloy in a carefully controlled atmosphere. 
  4. 2B. Smooth finish, reflective grey sheen. Most widely used surface finish. The most popular surface finish, 2B offers a smooth appearance with a grey, reflective sheen. 


To assist customers who wish to precisely determine the correct width, length, and diameter of strip required, we has a strong team of experts. Find out more details about stainless steel coil on our website and get in touch with our technical team for further information and advice.

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